Using FLIR to detect leaks in the Eagle Ford

FLIR Pic for detecting gas leaks

We use this Forward Looking Infrared Camera (FLIR) in the field to detect leaks at our facilities.  So far we have one guy that goes to our field sites and looks over pipes, separators and tanks.  A large percentage of our leaks are small and very fixable items, so our field tech, who was a very experienced lease operator, can make those repairs.  I don’t know of how many other operating companies do this, but my guess is very few.  I haven’t seen it done by other operators yet, but it should become a very common practice.

Our next step is to get a drone mounted FLIR camera so we can take much more wide spread shots.

FLIR leak detected

Close match to my first truck, 1962 Chevy

Classic Chevy Truck


I saw this the other day in a parking lot close to my house.  It’s a much nicer version of my first truck I had.  I bought my first vehicle at the old age of 15, from a little old lady named Ms. Alexander.

She lived in our little town of about 600 people, so I can verify that she was in fact little and old.  The truck sat out under an old tree on her property behind her house and my dad saw it and said that I needed to buy it.  Of course that meant using my money.  Which I had in the bank because when I was born they gave me a cow.  That cow had a calf, the bull calves were sold and the money went into my savings account.  The heifer calves were kept and all the process was repeated with their offspring.  So on and so forth that by the time I was 15 I had several thousand dollars in the bank.  They did the same for my sister.  Kind of a college plan for poor farmers.

My truck was a 1962 Chevy, stepside, like you see above.  Also blue, but mine was much more faded as it was original paint.  Mine also didn’t have the fancy white cab.  Mine was a 3 speed on the column or more commonly known as a “3 on the tree”.  Straight 6 – 234 engine.  It went 0-60mph in about 30 seconds, but that was just fine, it was a blast!  It was 99% original, it had an after market rear bumper.  Heavy duty steel.

Did I mention it was cool….cool looking…and cool during the winter but not cool in the summer because the air conditioner was non-existent.  My kids will never understand…

I loved that old truck and like a dummy I sold it when I went to college.  I wished I had it now.  I would like to think that it would like a LOT like the one you see above.

I don’t care about having all original.  I want something I enjoy to drive.  Texas summers were fine when I was growing up and the a.c. was 2 windows and 2 vents open.  Now, I prefer a little condensed air.

Also, a little more power would be nice.  Something that can spin the tires without having to pop the clutch on wet pavement would be an added bonus.

Oh, well, that’s all for memory lane today!

You have Won! Either $50,000, a trip to Mexico or a TV!

Have you ever received those letters in the mail?  Informing you that you have won!  Then it tells you what you have one, either this awesome thing, this great thing or this good thing.

Well, when I was a kid, back in the 80’s, my parents “won” something and inquired about it.

It turns out all they had to do was listen to a guy talk about some great vacation property in Arkansas and they were guaranteed to walk away with their prize AND a free meal!

Well, I remember going.  The presenter was slick and sharp and the food was good.  I kept thinking what it would be like to be RICH!  We were not poor, but I wasn’t allowed to have name brand tennis shoes until I could pay for them myself.

Well, the other day I was visiting my parents house and out in the garage, guess what I see?  Our PRIZE from that day so long ago…

3rd Place Prize

Guess what, it still works!!!!

New House Before and After

New House Before and After

Well, we finally decided to buy a house here in the Houston area.  It was exactly where we wanted and it took some expert negotiating but we got it done.  When you see the before pics, you’ll understand why we had so much negotiating power.

Alison acted as the general contractor and head designer and did a great job!  We even had people we didn’t know asking to see the progress and ask her for ideas and contact information.

From “Sunshine Yellow” to a soothing grey

The realtor told the people living here to change the paint color and they’ll get more offers.  They refused.  The entire house was yellow and purple.  It was as if we stumbled into a LSU fan’s dream home.  However, the carpet was stained in every room.  So, it was a complete do-over.  We spent about 60 days on fixing this place the way we wanted it.

Kitchen Before and After

Once again, Alison took over and picked out everything.  This is my favorite room of the remodel.

Kitchen take 2

All those hours watching Chip & JoAnna paid off!!!!

First Impressions

Had to do something here.  This ended up being one of the harder jobs and more time consuming.  We did a lot of the work ourselves.

There’s the Purple

And everyone had to help!

No Union Workers
7 yrs old is just right to start work!
I’m not exempt

And we couldn’t forget about the back yard

Drink Please!

Come on by!  I’ll post more later, but we are ready for guests now!

I like a job where you can prep by watching Fixer Upper.  We still have some work to do, but the hardest stuff is done!

A change coming my way! Headed to Next Era Energy

I received the offer letter and have accepted.  I’ll be in charge of safety for a division of Next Era Energy.  I have been following them for a while.  In my ethics course for my MBA program, I googled ethical companies and Next Era (and their parent company Florida Power & Light) received top marks.  It will be a nice change of pace from where I was at.  I can’t wait to get started.  I’ll update more later!!!!!!

Beautiful 427 Yenko Camaro Engine at Mecum Auction Houston 2017

427 Yenko Camaro


This beautiful engine was attached to a 1969 Camaro at the Mecum Auction in Houston 2017.  If I only had $100,000!!!!

I’ll probably never buy a true Yenko, but I’m ok with a fake.  The auction was fun, saw several original Mustang Shelby Cobra’s that went for $100k +.  One of them went for $250k.  Could you imagine paying that much for a car that you will rarely drive?

Time to get a J-O-B. Brant Butler HSEQ!

Ok guys, it’s time for me to get a new job.  I need all the help I can get.  HSE related, don’t care where it is as long as it’s close to good schools and the place is safe.  If it’s rotational, I would like to stay close to a 28/28.  I don’t want to be gone 9 months a year like my Africa job.

I’ve worked in the Middle East, U.S. and Africa.  I have worked on many global projects.

I have my BS in Environmental Management (with a concentration in Occupational Safety) and I just got my MBA Organizational Leadership.

I have my OHST, CES and I’m a member of the Board of Certified of Safety Professionals.  Also, I’m a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.

I also have done numerous ISO, OSHA, PSM, SEMS audits.  Technical writing, training and competency and built entire HSE Management Systems.  I’ve done consulting with many of the larger oil and gas companies in the U.S.

I’ve managed many and few and love mentoring.

I have my resume on / /

Here are a few projects I’ve worked on: Transocean Global HSE Management System, Transocean North American (NAM) Corrective Actions post Deepwater Horizon Audit, Hess SEMS for Gulf of Mexico, ENI Asset Risk Registers & SEMS, Nalco-Champion Integrated HSE Management System (IMS), ExxonMobil Quality & HSE Plan, Noble LNG Technical College Training Program (Ruppin College)


SEMS II Webinar – Bureau Veritas, Wood Group

BVC_Wood Group – COS SEMS II Webinar Presentation – 21 April 2014


I was going through one of my flash drives and found this webinar that I co-created and delivered back in 2014.  Given the current climate for Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) I thought some people could use this today.

I don’t think this was the final copy, BV has that and I can’t find it on their website anywhere.  So, I thought I would use mine and see if it can help explain to some of those new safety guys out there a bit more about SEMS and SEMS II.

It’s really quite simple, but so many make it hard when it doesn’t need to be.  Here is the key to understanding the basics of SEMS and SEMS II.

  1. You must have a written SEMS plan
  2. It must be known by your employees (they need to know where to find it)
  3. You will be audited (both in the field and in the office)
  4. You will be held accountable against what YOUR plan states

It’s that easy.  If you say you have a way of doing things, then do it.  I’ve come across so many companies that have a written plan that state they do something this particular way, then they do it another way.  That’s when the auditors will ding you.  As your program grows, the auditors will hold you to a higher standard.

Go to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), 30 part 250 and you will find what you MUST have as a minimum in your plan.  Then, you can build from there.  I’ve built a few SEMS plans for various companies, it isn’t hard, but does require thought and top management commitment, which is sometimes hard to come by with smaller companies.

Anyway, enjoy the presentation.  If I can find my copy with my notes, I’ll include it.  If you need any help with SEMS, let me know.  I am SEMS lead-auditor trained and have been involved with this for many years.

Good Luck!