Natural Gas Safety Project in the Middle East

For the past month or so I’ve been developing a safety program for a small grouping of colleges in the Middle East (compliments of our big brother across the hall, Wood Group PSN).  With some recent developments, now I get to pack my bags and head over to train the trainers.  I haven’t been over to the Middle East, so this will be a new experience.  I’ll also be spending some time in London, Frankfurt Germany and Vienna Austria.  If you guys have any ideas on what to do in those places for a day let me know quick because I’ll be leaving soon.  I love an adventure!

I saw this the other day (while a colleague was driving), and I couldn’t’ help but appreciate the irony.

"Safety Doesn't Happen By Accident"
“Safety Doesn’t Happen By Accident”

DUG Eagle Ford Conference 2014 – Wood Group ODL booth

The Developing Unconventional Gas (DUG) Eagle Ford Conference 2014 was this week in San Antonio, TX.  There were 5,000 people there and just about everyone stopped by our booth, or that’s how it appeared to me.  Luckily I didn’t work the booth, I was attending the sessions and walking around.

Shaking hands and kissing babies
Shaking hands and kissing babies

Below is a pic of the exhibit floor taken from above.  There were over 400 booths, which translates into a lot of “gifts” for the kids (and myself).  I tried to win the Harley-Davidson, but I wasn’t the lucky one.

Panoramic view above the exhibit floor - busy to say the least
Panoramic view above the exhibit floor – busy to say the least
Wood Group a proud sponsor at the DUG Eagle Ford 2014
Wood Group a proud sponsor at the DUG Eagle Ford 2014

SEMS II Webinar with Bureau VERITAS – Wood Group ODL

A few months back I was one of the guest presenters for SEMS II webinar with a company called Bureau VERITAS (BV).  If you’re not familiar with BV, you should check them out.  They are a great company to work with and that is who I received my SEMS Lead Auditor training from.  They have been around since 1828, so to say they know how to perform an audit is an understatement.  Anyhow, if you want to see what the webinar was like (it was my first so don’t judge to harshly) take a look at the provided link.  Go in and register, it doesn’t cost anything and you can hear what we have to say in regards to SEMS II.  My piece of the pie was primarily focused on Stop Work Authority, but I think you’ll appreciate the story that I weaved throughout the presentation.  Enjoy and let me know what you think.

SEMS II (Are You Ready)