Amazon Echo Review – After a few days with “Alexa”

We’ve had Alexa (the name Amazon gave this Siri like device) in the house for several days now.  She was shipped in an all black box that just led to even more intrigue.

The kids ask all sorts of questions and most of which she answers with no issue.  We are from Texas, so when I asked her to spell the word “Bed”, she spelled “Bad”.  So I had to take the southern drawl out of my voice and she got it right.  They show her off to everyone and ask her personal questions, like how old she is, where she comes from and how are you doing.  Alexa, to her credit, answers them all.  Sometimes her favorite color changes though.

She picks up my voice quite well, from just about anywhere within 30 ft or so, without me having to raise my voice or speak like I used to speak to my granddad when he was in his 80’s (slow and deliberate).  I usually carry the remote with me, and if I’m upstairs, I call talk into the remote and she picked up exactly what I was saying.  It is quite impressive.

The sound is actually quite good for such a little device.  It fills the room very well and can be heard upstairs clearly.  If you’re looking to play a lot of music with deep bass, this is not a device for you.  This isn’t a Bose system, but one day soon I hope it will connect to everything on your wifi.  There is a world of potential here, this just happened to be the first step and it is a good step.  Right now it plays music, tells jokes, answers questions, does math, set’s timers and alarms, update to do lists, can link to Amazon Prime purchases and gives the news.  It doesn’t turn on the upstairs lights or Christmas tree…yet.  She can also tell you how much wood a wood chuck could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.  Here are a few pics, as you can see, it’s not very big, not quite 10 inches tall.

ECHO - "Alexa"

Mysterious Black Box
Echo Box