A Cost Point for Safety – Brant Butler

I just completed a research paper for my Masters class, Occupational Safety, titled “A Cost Point for Safety”.  My intent was to show how oil companies make safety concessions once the price of oil drops, which is what I am dealing with now.  In just 6 months the price of oil has rapidly declined, along with the number of personnel being laid off or let go.  I have had numerous talks with several different well-known oil companies and many have discussed the fact that some sr personnel have been let go, maintenance efforts have stopped and will only resume if BSEE fines them or is about to, training budgets have been slashed and I’ve heard that old familiar slogan more in the past few months than I have in the past 2 years, “Production is KING!”

However, once I began thinking about this in depth, I came to a realization that most of us are no different than the big oil companies.  How many of you have not walked across the garage to get your safety glasses because you already had the grinder in your hand?  How many of you used a chair or box to stand on when changing a light bulb instead of grabbing a ladder?  How many of you sped up when the light turned yellow?  In each case an accident could have happened and the time taken to do the job properly would have been minimal.

We have our own “cost point for safety”.  Where the oil company might be looking at dollars per barrel of oil, we usually look at time.  It might take an extra 10 seconds to grab your safety glasses, but we went on and did the grinding anyway.

What is your cost point for being safe?

Brant Butler – Resume HSE

Resume Brant Butler

Well guys, my department is being done away with at Wood Group ODL.  My days with the company are almost complete.  I’m hoping the next company I work for is the last.  Wood Group was great, there was always something new and they gave me the opportunity to train people half way around the globe.  But, with the price of oil dropping like a rock, many projects are getting pushed out or cancelled altogether and that was part of our problem.  Oh well, such is life.  The price of oil is steadily rising and in some areas they are still looking for experienced guys.

I’m in a bit better shape for the job hunt this time around.  I graduated (with honors) with a B.S. in Environmental Management with a concentration in Occupational Safety.  And I am now in the Masters program.  I have also done much more international work.

Maybe Willie Robertson needs a HSE guy over at Duck Commander?

I’ll keep you guys posted on what happens!!!!!

RIGZONE – The Oil, Gas Guide to Networking: How To Connect and Communicate

RIGZONE – The Oil, Gas Guide to Networking: How To Connect and Communicate.

This is a pretty good article about Networking.  I get tired of the old, “what do you do? great, here is my card” routine.  With the price of oil being so low and everyone looking for their piece of the pie, networking will be taking on a much larger role for a lot of us.  Get ready!

Luckily at Wood Group, we do a fair amount of networking with each other quite a bit.  So my smaller group (Wood Group ODL, which is the consultant side) can interact with some of the other, larger divisions of Wood Group, such as Wood Group Mustang, Wood Group PSN, Wood Group Kenny, etc…

Rigzone has a bunch of great oil and gas articles.  For all you guys that don’t know, it’s also the place to go to see o&g job postings.  It’s probably the most customer friendly o&g website I’ve come across.


Thanks to Valerie Jones of Rigzone and Katie Mehnert, CEO of Pink Petro.

Good luck out there!