Vaccinations – Check!

I checked in at the dr on Friday morning at 0645 to do my physical and get my vaccinations.  Instead of being sent to our company physician that is only for Wood Group employees, I was sent to a Concentra office in Houston.  I was the 2nd or 3rd one in line when they opened the doors.

It wasn’t long before I went back and it was clear that they had no idea what to do with me.  I told them repeatedly that I had to get vaccinations, but they didn’t have that on the schedule.

I took a drug test, breathalyzer, hearing test, vision test, EKG, they took several vials of blood, turn my head & cough, then, finally, 6 hours later they broke out the needles.

In order to go to Africa (Equatorial Guinea), I needed 7 shots.  Including an adult polio shot.  But the one that the nurse warned me about was the yellow fever shot.  She said, “now I heard this will burn a bit, and the area I have to give it too is a bit more sensitive as well.”  It went into the tricep and felt like liquid fire.  Once the shots were done, the nurse had to fill out the paperwork, which took quite a while for all of those shots.

Finally, after 7 hours I was done…….but wait, I had to await final approval from the lady up front to make sure I signed everything and has copies for my work.  When the nurse asked her to rush mine along because I had been there all day, she said “don’t ask me to rush anyone!”  The nurse then told her that he (me) had been here since 0645 and they lady told her that “so what, I have too!”  That’s when I wanted to scream out that “yeah, but this is your job!”  But I thought that would only slow my day down further.  In all, it was 7 hours and 20 minutes for a physical and vaccinations.

My son happened to be sick that day and my wife took him to the Wood Group doctor and she told them what I had been through and they said, “why didn’t he just come here, we could have got him done first thing this morning?”

Equatorial Guinea, Africa – Here I come

Hi everyone!  I hope you are all well.  I have decided to take another position within Wood Group, now I’ll be going to western Africa, the small country of Equatorial Guinea.  It will be a great opportunity and give me some excellent international experience.  Currently I have a little, but this will take it to the next level.  I’ll follow up with more details later.  I leave in 2 weeks.  Wish me luck!  Also, if anyone has any tips or ideas of what I need to take, shoot me a message.

I found this pic and wanted to pass this safety fail along.  I’m glad we don’t have a picture of about 3 seconds later.

Safety Fail
Electricity and Water?