Saint Odd – An Odd Thomas novel by Dean Koontz

I started reading the Odd Thomas series by chance.  My wife picked the 2nd book in the series (Forever Odd) up in the bargain bin and brought it home.  I have never heard of Dean Koontz at that time.  I held out little hope that this would be a good book, but figured I’d give it 100 pages.

It turned out that I loved it and loved the quirky character, Odd Thomas (who can see dead people that haven’t moved on).  Since that first book, I became hooked on the series and would download the rest to my Kindle.  When working away from home it’s nice to get away with a book, with characters that are familiar to you.  It’s like checking in on the adventures of an old friend.  I’ve read several of his books while I was working offshore, another while working in Israel, all away from my family, oddly enough.  It helps bridge the gap between home and wherever I am.

I downloaded the latest book, Saint Odd while I was here in Africa.  I knew that Koontz was building up to a big showdown from the last book and it picked up with that same level of intensity.

If you’re looking for an excellent, well-written series, then give the Odd Thomas series a try.  There are 8 books.  Start with:

  1. Odd Thomas
  2. Forever Odd
  3. Brother Odd
  4. Odd Hours
  5. Odd Interlude
  6. Odd Apocalypse
  7. Deeply Odd
  8. Saint Odd


Saint Odd by Dean Koontz
Saint Odd by Dean Koontz

***Spoiler Alert – Don’t read below if you are going to read the series***

The story was great, building up, then after Odd Thomas saves the day, he is mortally wounded.  Well, surely he would be saved, the next chapter would flash forward a few days of him recovering at the hospital surrounded by his friends right?  This time it wasn’t so, it ended with a great goodbye.

I felt like an old friend had died.  I’ve been following his adventures for years and of course I had to google it to see if it was True (because google won’t lie).  Sure enough, Koontz felt it was time to bring an end to the series and thus he did.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a great ending and a great series, I’m just sad to see it end.  It was actually my favorite series of any I’ve read.

Now I feel the need to find another character to latch on to….any suggestions?


Alien Autopsy – Roswell, N.M. UFO Museum

So during a family road trip to the mountains of New Mexico, I decided we had to stop in Roswell.  Apparently many aliens have decided the exact same thing.  At my wife’s request, I had to give plenty of warning to the kids that the aliens in the museum are not real and many people don’t believe in aliens anyway.  However, there will be people that do believe in aliens and many think they know what they look.  The kids were at first a bit nervous, but as I kept talking it up and having fun with it, they began having fun with it also.  Here is a pic and the kids were quite enamored with the alien and wondering what this so called dr and man in black was going to do to the poor creature.

Alien autopsy in Roswell, NM - UFO Museum
Alien autopsy in Roswell, NM – UFO Museum

Sugar Skull – Roadside Art – New Mexico

Roadside Art in New Mexico - Sugar Skull
Roadside Art in New Mexico – Sugar Skull


While driving along the highway in New Mexico, we spotted this piece of “graffiti” and had to stop and get a pic.  I love Sugar Skulls and just to have this show up is pretty amazing – great artist!  My son got a kick out of it and wanted to go play in the abandoned house next door, but we decided against trespassing and possible snake encounters.

ITNHGE Talent Show 2015 – Bata, Equatorial Guinea. Africa

The students put on a talent show not to long ago and it was great.  One thing I noticed, they don’t have the fear to get up in front of others and talk, sing, etc…  I still get nervous standing up in front of others and talking, nearly all of these students like it.  These kids (actually young adults) are pretty amazing, to go from little or no English, to full conversations within a few months is amazing.  It’s a treat to be the “principal”.  Here is a pic of one of the funniest dances of the day.

ITNHGE Talent Show 2015
ITNHGE Talent Show 2015

Math Teacher Job Opening!

Hi everyone!  I need a High School level math teacher here with me in Equatorial Guinea, Africa.  They need to be able to teach algebra, geometry and trig.  The average class size is 17 students, between the ages of 18 – 25.  Right now, the class average is 88.  This is a year contract, working 28 days on, 28 days off.  We take care of flights and pay while you are in transit.  You don’t need a teaching certificate but it will help.  We will also take care of getting you your physical and any vaccinations you may need.  It will pay somewhere in the $100k range.  You will be staying at our compound in a nice little house next to the ocean and your classroom is on the same compound.  Send me an email with your resume or cv if you’re interested.


By the way, here is a pic of the sunset from our gazebo!

Gazebo Sunset
Gazebo Sunset