Monte Alen National Park – Equatorial Guinea, Africa

If you in EG and want to go to Monte Alen National Park, from Bata, head to Niefang, then head south.  You will see old signs on the right hand side of the road proclaiming the park and that no hunting is allowed and on the sign is an albino gorilla.  Not long after you see the first sign, there will be an area on the opposite side of the road which is the park entrance.  It threw me off as to why the park is on one side and the entrance is on the other and nothing is clearly marked.  This is what the road looks like once you turn off of the highway.  If the barrels are up with the stick, that means the park is “closed” and it’s always closed during the rainy seasons.  Now, that being said, I was there last week and took this picture in the rain and we met a nice man who would be happy to take us into the park, but he said its about a 4 hour round trip.  All he needed to do was grab a machete and we could go.  But since it was raining and already in the afternoon it didn’t seem like a good idea.  He also said that the park is never closed because they get their food from there (I don’t think the “no hunting” sign means much to the locals).  This is one of the places where there are mountain gorillas, so I’ll be headed back, with mosquito spray and a LOT of water.


Monte Alen National Park - Equatorial Guinea
Monte Alen National Park – Equatorial Guinea

Hess FPSO Sandje Ceiba – Equatorial Guinea – Fitbit Overload

The other day I went out to the Hess FPSO, Sandje Ceiba off the coast of Equatorial Guinea.  It is a well run FPSO.  I was there for roughly 4 hours, and I went on a tour that lasted about 90 minutes.  In that short amount of time, my Fitbit HR went through the roof.  If probably thought I was having a heart attack.  First, I had to wear FRC coveralls over my regular clothes in a sub tropical climate.  Then I was led down to the bowels of the ship to the engine room, which wasn’t so bad if you enjoy stifling heat.  Everything was fine until we started UP the stairs.  It was here that I thought I might die……in the bowels of a ship…….in extreme heat……wearing bright orange coveralls.  27 floors, most done in 45 minutes.  As nice as the FPSO was and the people that work there from Hess and Wood Group, from now on, no more engine room tours.  I don’t  think my Fitbit or I could handle it again.

Redwood Forest Badge - Fitbit HR
Redwood Forest Badge – Fitbit HR
FPSO Sandje Ceiba
FPSO Sandje Ceiba