Butler Family VACA in Honduras via Carnival Breeze


Here we are at our stop in Honduras during Christmas.  This was our favorite spot.  We even took some Christmas gifts for our guide’s children.  He took us all over the island and to his house (per our request).  I could live on the island tomorrow!

We went to a little restaurant where we were the only people there.  My wife asked how they prepared everything, and they let her go into the kitchen to help cook.  The owners little boy was glad to have some kids to play with.  We ended up staying there for several hours.

The mangroves where GREAT, so much fun!

We were the LAST ones back to the ship!

This post was on Ken Wells’ website for Lifeline Strategies

Courts: BSEE Can’t Charge Contractors Under Offshore Safety Rules

Ken posted this on his site, one judge  ruled that BSEE can’t INC contractors.  That’s a pretty big deal.  Give Ken’s site a look.  It’s pretty good info for you young safety guys out there.  It’s not just for the offshore business, all HSE.

Costa Maya Mexico stop while on Carnival Breeze Cruise

Costa Maya beach

While sitting on the beach in Costa Maya Mexico I HAD to introduce my oldest to the virgin strawberry daiquiri.  She loved it.  This was from our Carnival cruise Christmas vacation.  Our ship was the Carnival Breeze, not a bad ship.  The best Carnival ship I have been on.  This is just one of our stops…the last one (insert sad face).  But 8 days is a long time on a cruise.  8 days, with 4 days in a row of stops is tough!

Excellent place to get away – Nacional Beach Club
Carnival Breeze

Good Bye Africa!!! Another Oil and Gas Casualty

My time in Equatorial Guinea is done.  I’ve missed too much family time.  Working 7 weeks on and 3 weeks off is too much for me and my family.  I tried to work out a little different schedule, but nothing was agreed on.  I’ll miss the young adults we were helping, I’ll miss the outstanding instructors and I’ll miss the great country of E.G.

If I can get back there on a different schedule, I’d do it in a heart beat.  I learned a lot, having so many different cultures in one spot made for some interesting days!

That being said, I’ll be looking for employment in January!!!!!!