Close match to my first truck, 1962 Chevy

Classic Chevy Truck


I saw this the other day in a parking lot close to my house.  It’s a much nicer version of my first truck I had.  I bought my first vehicle at the old age of 15, from a little old lady named Ms. Alexander.

She lived in our little town of about 600 people, so I can verify that she was in fact little and old.  The truck sat out under an old tree on her property behind her house and my dad saw it and said that I needed to buy it.  Of course that meant using my money.  Which I had in the bank because when I was born they gave me a cow.  That cow had a calf, the bull calves were sold and the money went into my savings account.  The heifer calves were kept and all the process was repeated with their offspring.  So on and so forth that by the time I was 15 I had several thousand dollars in the bank.  They did the same for my sister.  Kind of a college plan for poor farmers.

My truck was a 1962 Chevy, stepside, like you see above.  Also blue, but mine was much more faded as it was original paint.  Mine also didn’t have the fancy white cab.  Mine was a 3 speed on the column or more commonly known as a “3 on the tree”.  Straight 6 – 234 engine.  It went 0-60mph in about 30 seconds, but that was just fine, it was a blast!  It was 99% original, it had an after market rear bumper.  Heavy duty steel.

Did I mention it was cool….cool looking…and cool during the winter but not cool in the summer because the air conditioner was non-existent.  My kids will never understand…

I loved that old truck and like a dummy I sold it when I went to college.  I wished I had it now.  I would like to think that it would like a LOT like the one you see above.

I don’t care about having all original.  I want something I enjoy to drive.  Texas summers were fine when I was growing up and the a.c. was 2 windows and 2 vents open.  Now, I prefer a little condensed air.

Also, a little more power would be nice.  Something that can spin the tires without having to pop the clutch on wet pavement would be an added bonus.

Oh, well, that’s all for memory lane today!