Math Teacher Job Opening!

Hi everyone!  I need a High School level math teacher here with me in Equatorial Guinea, Africa.  They need to be able to teach algebra, geometry and trig.  The average class size is 17 students, between the ages of 18 – 25.  Right now, the class average is 88.  This is a year contract, working 28 days on, 28 days off.  We take care of flights and pay while you are in transit.  You don’t need a teaching certificate but it will help.  We will also take care of getting you your physical and any vaccinations you may need.  It will pay somewhere in the $100k range.  You will be staying at our compound in a nice little house next to the ocean and your classroom is on the same compound.  Send me an email with your resume or cv if you’re interested.


By the way, here is a pic of the sunset from our gazebo!

Gazebo Sunset
Gazebo Sunset

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  1. If you haven’t updated your resume in the last ten years, that is NOT a positive thing! Also, don’t send me a virus please (this goes out to that one jerk). These kids are smart and many have been to some sort of higher education, so you have to have MATH somewhere on your resume to be considered for a MATH job! That is all…..

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