SEMS II Webinar – Bureau Veritas, Wood Group

BVC_Wood Group – COS SEMS II Webinar Presentation – 21 April 2014


I was going through one of my flash drives and found this webinar that I co-created and delivered back in 2014.  Given the current climate for Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) I thought some people could use this today.

I don’t think this was the final copy, BV has that and I can’t find it on their website anywhere.  So, I thought I would use mine and see if it can help explain to some of those new safety guys out there a bit more about SEMS and SEMS II.

It’s really quite simple, but so many make it hard when it doesn’t need to be.  Here is the key to understanding the basics of SEMS and SEMS II.

  1. You must have a written SEMS plan
  2. It must be known by your employees (they need to know where to find it)
  3. You will be audited (both in the field and in the office)
  4. You will be held accountable against what YOUR plan states

It’s that easy.  If you say you have a way of doing things, then do it.  I’ve come across so many companies that have a written plan that state they do something this particular way, then they do it another way.  That’s when the auditors will ding you.  As your program grows, the auditors will hold you to a higher standard.

Go to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), 30 part 250 and you will find what you MUST have as a minimum in your plan.  Then, you can build from there.  I’ve built a few SEMS plans for various companies, it isn’t hard, but does require thought and top management commitment, which is sometimes hard to come by with smaller companies.

Anyway, enjoy the presentation.  If I can find my copy with my notes, I’ll include it.  If you need any help with SEMS, let me know.  I am SEMS lead-auditor trained and have been involved with this for many years.

Good Luck!

JB Smoove and Us at Rich Eisen Show

Brant, Alison and JB Smoove at Rich Eisen Show

Quick wits and great style sums up JB Smoove (@ohsnapjbsmoove) and interestingly enough, me…  Just agree and move on.

For those of you that don’t know, JB is on Curb Your Enthusiasm, with the ever funny Larry David.

We got the pleasure to listen to JB for a few hours during the Rich Eisen show while they were filming in Houston this past week for Super Bowl 51.

Go to the Rich Eisen show to see clips, he interviewed Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, and the always friendly Bill Belichick.  It was the most I have ever heard Belichick say.

By the way, JB is much taller than I thought.  I would guess right at 6ft 4in.  Check him out on Curb Your Enthusiasm and watch his interviews from press night at Super Bowl 51.  Great stuff!

“Interviewing” Rich Eisen, Super Bowl 51, Rich Eisen Show

Rich Eisen Show Super Bowl 51


Great Day!  My wife and I went to the Rich Eisen Show in downtown Houston the other day (#REsb51).  He was extremely nice and after the show he came out and talked to everyone.  His crew was great, the guests were great.  I even got to ask him a legit question.

Growing up in the late 80’s and 90’s, if you ever watched ESPN, you got to “know” Rich, Dan Patrick, Stuart Scott, Chris Berman and many others.  In college I watched ESPN nearly every waking hour.  Once Dan and Rich left I followed them.  I watch the Dan Patrick show and Rich Eisen show without fail.  When I was working in Africa, I couldn’t watch (because our band-width was horrible), but I could listen.

So this past week, I got to see Dan Patrick, listen to Berman interact with our crowd and actually got to talk with Rich.  It was a dream come true for me.

So, what was my question to Rich?

“Which interview made him the most nervous?”  I was a bit shocked with his answer, but he went on to explain.  It was one of his music hero’s.  If you watch his show you might could guess it, Bruce Springsteen!

I asked him if he ever got nervous with sports stars and he said, nope!

I’ll post some more pics with his crew (the Chris command center), which was beyond great.  Loved it!

Anyway, it was great time and it made my day!!!!!

Butler Family VACA in Honduras via Carnival Breeze


Here we are at our stop in Honduras during Christmas.  This was our favorite spot.  We even took some Christmas gifts for our guide’s children.  He took us all over the island and to his house (per our request).  I could live on the island tomorrow!

We went to a little restaurant where we were the only people there.  My wife asked how they prepared everything, and they let her go into the kitchen to help cook.  The owners little boy was glad to have some kids to play with.  We ended up staying there for several hours.

The mangroves where GREAT, so much fun!

We were the LAST ones back to the ship!

Costa Maya Mexico stop while on Carnival Breeze Cruise

Costa Maya beach

While sitting on the beach in Costa Maya Mexico I HAD to introduce my oldest to the virgin strawberry daiquiri.  She loved it.  This was from our Carnival cruise Christmas vacation.  Our ship was the Carnival Breeze, not a bad ship.  The best Carnival ship I have been on.  This is just one of our stops…the last one (insert sad face).  But 8 days is a long time on a cruise.  8 days, with 4 days in a row of stops is tough!

Excellent place to get away – Nacional Beach Club
Carnival Breeze

Good Bye Africa!!! Another Oil and Gas Casualty

My time in Equatorial Guinea is done.  I’ve missed too much family time.  Working 7 weeks on and 3 weeks off is too much for me and my family.  I tried to work out a little different schedule, but nothing was agreed on.  I’ll miss the young adults we were helping, I’ll miss the outstanding instructors and I’ll miss the great country of E.G.

If I can get back there on a different schedule, I’d do it in a heart beat.  I learned a lot, having so many different cultures in one spot made for some interesting days!

That being said, I’ll be looking for employment in January!!!!!!

Tough day in Equatorial Guinea with the ITNHGE program

Today just started and it has been the toughest day of my professional career.  We had a student in our program get caught cheating, twice, on the same test.  On numerous occasions I have talked with each class and told them what would happen if anyone gets caught cheating.  The project manager and company rep from the states also talked to the students.  The teachers talked to the students and those that were suspected were placed on final warning.  They acknowledged what would happen if they broke our rules, signed the paper stating they knew what would happen and within a few weeks of them signing, one of the students broke the rules and cheated twice on the same test.

I know this program can make the difference in a young adults life and in a country where relatively few options exist this program is vital.

I had to expel the student, a good kid other than his cheating problem.  I tried to come up with a punishment that would allow me to keep him while maintaining the integrity of the program.  I lost sleep over it and now it is finally over.  I have had to let people go from other jobs before but this one hurt the most.  I’ve been laid off before, I know what this young man is going through.  I think that makes it worse.  Not a good day.

Sunset - No Filter Needed - Equatorial Guinea
Sunset – No Filter Needed – Equatorial Guinea