Costa Maya Mexico stop while on Carnival Breeze Cruise

Costa Maya beach

While sitting on the beach in Costa Maya Mexico I HAD to introduce my oldest to the virgin strawberry daiquiri.  She loved it.  This was from our Carnival cruise Christmas vacation.  Our ship was the Carnival Breeze, not a bad ship.  The best Carnival ship I have been on.  This is just one of our stops…the last one (insert sad face).  But 8 days is a long time on a cruise.  8 days, with 4 days in a row of stops is tough!

Excellent place to get away – Nacional Beach Club
Carnival Breeze

Good Bye Africa!!! Another Oil and Gas Casualty

My time in Equatorial Guinea is done.  I’ve missed too much family time.  Working 7 weeks on and 3 weeks off is too much for me and my family.  I tried to work out a little different schedule, but nothing was agreed on.  I’ll miss the young adults we were helping, I’ll miss the outstanding instructors and I’ll miss the great country of E.G.

If I can get back there on a different schedule, I’d do it in a heart beat.  I learned a lot, having so many different cultures in one spot made for some interesting days!

That being said, I’ll be looking for employment in January!!!!!!

Tough day in Equatorial Guinea with the ITNHGE program

Today just started and it has been the toughest day of my professional career.  We had a student in our program get caught cheating, twice, on the same test.  On numerous occasions I have talked with each class and told them what would happen if anyone gets caught cheating.  The project manager and company rep from the states also talked to the students.  The teachers talked to the students and those that were suspected were placed on final warning.  They acknowledged what would happen if they broke our rules, signed the paper stating they knew what would happen and within a few weeks of them signing, one of the students broke the rules and cheated twice on the same test.

I know this program can make the difference in a young adults life and in a country where relatively few options exist this program is vital.

I had to expel the student, a good kid other than his cheating problem.  I tried to come up with a punishment that would allow me to keep him while maintaining the integrity of the program.  I lost sleep over it and now it is finally over.  I have had to let people go from other jobs before but this one hurt the most.  I’ve been laid off before, I know what this young man is going through.  I think that makes it worse.  Not a good day.

Sunset - No Filter Needed - Equatorial Guinea
Sunset – No Filter Needed – Equatorial Guinea

Hess FPSO (Sendje Ceiba) Competency Program – E.G.

Sandje Ceiba Helideck Equatorial Guinea
Sendje Ceiba Helideck Equatorial Guinea

Been spending a bit more time on the FPSO improving our competency program.  We are starting to make some large gains due to some very simple implementations.  Great group of guys, great group of leaders, great group of eager candidates in the competency phase of their career.

Not a bad Sunset

E.G. Sunset July 2016
E.G. Sunset July 2016

Not a bad view from the gazebo at the ITNHGE, Wood Group / Hexagon compound in Equatorial Guinea, Africa.

Disney Trip 2016 – Complete!

We did it!  We got the kids to Disney, my lovely wife arranged it all, the kids had no idea where we were going until we were on the tram at the Orlando airport.  The trip was a major success, due in large part to excellent planning.  We had a full itinerary and it worked great.  We still ended up walking roughly 9 miles per day, but it could have been much worse.  Everybody had a great time.  The only ride we didn’t get to do that I wanted to was Space Mountain.  Both times we went there (we had the Fast Pass), the first time it was shut down.  The 2nd time, we made it up to where we were maybe 3rd in line to hop in a car, then it was shut down again.  Oh well, as my wife said, it’s better to find out now than to be stuck out there on the ride.  The weather was perfect, no rain, and temps that never got over 85 degrees during the hot part of the day.  Also, if you are going, the Fast Pass system is a MUST.

Disney 2016
Disney 2016
Cale's favorite ride
Cale’s favorite ride

U.S. Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea at ITNHGE school

U.S. Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea
U.S. Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea

So the other day I had the pleasure of giving a tour of our school to the U.S. Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, Julie Furuta-Toy (in white).  Matthew Lamm is the public affairs guy sharply dressed but probably burning up in that jacket.  Julie Beberman is the Gov’t Affairs and Economic officer that had a lot of questions for us.  In the back row is one of our technical teachers on the right, Randy, and one of my supervisors on the left, Alan.  The tour went well, it was my first tour given to an ambassador.  US Embassy in EG

With the ITNHGE school winding down because the EG government wants to open up there own school eventually, our last graduating class will be December of next year.  We’ve turned out over 500 bilingual trainees from our program that has morphed over the years to become a highly respected 3 year training program the first of it’s kind in sub-Saharan Africa.  We used to have over 1200 applicants for only 50 spots per year.  In the beginning we had people trying to “buy” their way in, but when it was realized that we don’t operate that way, it legitimized the program in the eyes of the people, giving every Guinean equal footing regardless of status or family connections.

Thanks to excellent teachers and students for making this possible!  Fun times!!!!

Multinational Management

Some days, managing people from 10 or so different countries get’s to you.  Especially when you’re an ocean away from your family for so long.  Wood Group is pretty good to me, but always trying to be aware of other cultures viewpoints and taking into account their worldview becomes a struggle at times.  On the plus side, the rewards when you can keep that many people from all different corners of the world working together is quite satisfying.

Carry on……

By the way, here is the sunset from yesterday….not bad huh?

West African Sunset
West African Sunset