How to Ask for a Raise & Keep in Mind, Everyone is Expendable

How to Ask for a Raise.

Over the past few months, I’ve had 3 different people come up and ask me for advice on how to ask for a raise from their respective employers.  Here is a worthwhile article that sums things up very nicely and should help most of you.  One of the biggest tips, BE PREPARED.  It works for the Boy Scouts, it applies here as well.

I’ve had a few people over the years and back when I was in my mid 20’s I was also one of these guys that thought I was worth way more than what my boss did.  I worked my way up and was listening to others on how great I was.  Soon I learned a very valuable lesson, EVERYONE is expendable.  This applies to the CEO of a major company that makes your annual salary in 1 month, so don’t think it doesn’t apply to you.  I made a mistake and basically didn’t do what the boss wanted because I thought I knew better.  He then placed me on a 3 day unpaid suspension for me to think about my career.  At the time I thought he just did me the biggest favor he could have by allowing me to go out and make the money that I thought (and was told) I was worth.

I learned a lot.  First, he was paying me ABOVE market value and more than what I could make at my top 5 choices.  In order to get somewhat close to what I was making, I would have had to drive 45 miles one way, versus the 5 miles I was currently driving.  To make matters worse, I wasn’t offered an immediate position at my top 5 choices and would likely have to go for a few weeks without a paycheck.  So, then I searched all postings in the classifieds and on the internet (this was back in the late 90’s, so the print papers where still rather big).  You know what I found out, there wasn’t that many companies hiring.  There wasn’t that many companies paying within $100 per week of what I was making, and back then $100 per week was HUGE.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and think before you go and ask for that raise.  Be prepared, know the market, do the RESEARCH!  If your company is not making it’s numbers and experiencing a down turn, wait before asking for that raise.  Believe me, if the company isn’t making it’s numbers, the managers know it and they are fully aware and you asking for more money isn’t going to go over well.  Use some common sense.

HESS Gulf of Mexico HSE

I just got word that Hess needs our (Wood Group ODL’s) assistance developing some Safe Work Practice tests for their offshore Gulf of Mexico employees.  For the next week or so, I’ll be stationed at their office making up test questions and possible answers.  This shouldn’t be too difficult, but if you guys have any good questions dealing with Working at Heights, Lock out / Tag out, Hot Work or SEMS, let me know and maybe your question will be given to all GoM HESS employees.

HESS check-in
HESS check-in

Dr. Jared Carey – AMIT Pics: Before, During and After

Joel before AMIT
Joel before AMIT

Joel is about 4 inches from being able to touch his toes…


Joel getting worked on - Jared syncing up those neural loops
Joel getting worked on – Jared syncing up those neural loops
Joel now being able to touch the floor with room to spare!!!
Joel now being able to touch the floor with room to spare!!!

With just a few minutes, Joel extended his range of motion by 6-7 inches.  CRAZY STUFF!  See the post below where I describe AMIT and link to Jared’s page.

Dr. Jared Carey – Advanced Muscle Integration Techniques (AMIT) – Next level ‘Discovery Channel’ type stuff

Lubbock, Texas Dr. Jared Carey.

AMIT is some crazy neural loop, pressure point magic.  Every year a bunch of guys that went to college together (Lubbock Christian University) get together for a long weekend and do guy stuff.  We shoot things, play poker, eat red meat, some of them fish and we all have a great time.  This past trip, Jared enlightened me on this crazy stuff he does.  First, he is a chiropractor that learned about this, went to school and now offers this treatment.  When he was explaining this, I sounded AMAZING!  But it also sounded crazy and far-fetched.

He then asked if I had lower back problems, which I do, but not to much.  He put me through some isolation exercises and found out that I had a few muscles not working.  He said that when your muscle get’s injured or about to, the brain will shut it down to prevent injury or further injury.  He said that in many cases the brain needs help re-activating that muscle, which is where he comes in.  Each muscle has these neural loops, all over the body, that has these electrical impulses going through them, when the muscle is damaged or not working right, those impulses aren’t in sync.  He presses on the loops and get’s them to sync up.  When he did the ones in my hand, I could feel them off sync, then as he presses, they sync up.  The muscle is back to operating and that muscle isolation exercise that you failed earlier, now you can pass.

When he is done, you feel amazing!  I know that I’m not explaining this properly, which is why I have his link here.  Check it out and see for yourself.  He did this to just about everyone of us and it worked every time.

I have some pics of my buddy Joel, who wasn’t in any real pain, but I wanted him to experience this crazy technique.  Joel hadn’t been able to touch his toes since high school and just figured it was because of tight hamstrings.  In the before pics, Joel is about 4 inches from being able to touch his toes.  Jared does some of those isolation exercises and finds out it is some muscles in Joel’s lower back and butt.  In about 5 minutes or so, once Jared is finished, in the after pic Joel can touch his fingers to the floor, even his knuckles.  Pretty amazing stuff.

Check out Jared’s site and pay him a visit.  It is truly remarkable!

I’ll add the pics in another post.

Center for Sustainable Shale Development – Changes are coming to the shale plays

Center for Sustainable Shale Development.

For those of you that think some sort of “SEMS” model isn’t coming to land, take a look at this website.  Currently it is solely dealing with environmental standards (15 standards instead of elements like SEMS).  They also are bringing in Independent 3rd Party auditors (I3P’s) and the only one approved by the CSSD is Bureau VERITAS, which is also one of the 4 approved I3P’s for SEMS.  The big operators in the region, which is the Appalachian Valley, is Chevron and Shell.  I’ve heard that other Shale plays are looking at adopting this model or something similar.  Who knows, but one thing is for sure, changes are coming.

New Blog Site – And I finally graduated from college

Well, Go Daddy changed everything regarding their blogs, so I had to get a new one.  Let’s try this out and see how it works.  Bear with me as I keep adding stuff.  In other news, I graduated with honors (Cum laude) with my B.S. in Environmental Management with a concentration in Safety from Columbia Southern University.  The company I work for was quite happy, Wood Group ODL (which is the consulting division of Wood Group), we work with most of the major oil and gas companies, a vast majority of the mid-majors and a few of the smaller guys.  I’m the lead HSEQ Consultant for WG ODL.  I told WG that It only took me 21 years to accomplish this task, but I have become so accustomed to learning, that now I don’t want to stop and I’ll be beginning the pursuit of my Masters within the next 2-3 months and hopefully it will only take 2-3 years to finish.  It will be in Occupational Health and Safety, unless I decided to go with Emergency Management.  I enjoy both fields immensely.  Anyway, I’ll talk to you guys later.