Time to get a J-O-B. Brant Butler HSEQ!

Ok guys, it’s time for me to get a new job.  I need all the help I can get.  HSE related, don’t care where it is as long as it’s close to good schools and the place is safe.  If it’s rotational, I would like to stay close to a 28/28.  I don’t want to be gone 9 months a year like my Africa job.

I’ve worked in the Middle East, U.S. and Africa.  I have worked on many global projects.

I have my BS in Environmental Management (with a concentration in Occupational Safety) and I just got my MBA Organizational Leadership.

I have my OHST, CES and I’m a member of the Board of Certified of Safety Professionals.  Also, I’m a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.

I also have done numerous ISO, OSHA, PSM, SEMS audits.  Technical writing, training and competency and built entire HSE Management Systems.  I’ve done consulting with many of the larger oil and gas companies in the U.S.

I’ve managed many and few and love mentoring.

I have my resume on CareerBuilder.com / LinkedIn.com / Rigzone.com

Here are a few projects I’ve worked on: Transocean Global HSE Management System, Transocean North American (NAM) Corrective Actions post Deepwater Horizon Audit, Hess SEMS for Gulf of Mexico, ENI Asset Risk Registers & SEMS, Nalco-Champion Integrated HSE Management System (IMS), ExxonMobil Quality & HSE Plan, Noble LNG Technical College Training Program (Ruppin College)


Hess FPSO Sandje Ceiba – Equatorial Guinea – Fitbit Overload

The other day I went out to the Hess FPSO, Sandje Ceiba off the coast of Equatorial Guinea.  It is a well run FPSO.  I was there for roughly 4 hours, and I went on a tour that lasted about 90 minutes.  In that short amount of time, my Fitbit HR went through the roof.  If probably thought I was having a heart attack.  First, I had to wear FRC coveralls over my regular clothes in a sub tropical climate.  Then I was led down to the bowels of the ship to the engine room, which wasn’t so bad if you enjoy stifling heat.  Everything was fine until we started UP the stairs.  It was here that I thought I might die……in the bowels of a ship…….in extreme heat……wearing bright orange coveralls.  27 floors, most done in 45 minutes.  As nice as the FPSO was and the people that work there from Hess and Wood Group, from now on, no more engine room tours.  I don’t  think my Fitbit or I could handle it again.

Redwood Forest Badge - Fitbit HR
Redwood Forest Badge – Fitbit HR
FPSO Sandje Ceiba
FPSO Sandje Ceiba

HESS Gulf of Mexico HSE

I just got word that Hess needs our (Wood Group ODL’s) assistance developing some Safe Work Practice tests for their offshore Gulf of Mexico employees.  For the next week or so, I’ll be stationed at their office making up test questions and possible answers.  This shouldn’t be too difficult, but if you guys have any good questions dealing with Working at Heights, Lock out / Tag out, Hot Work or SEMS, let me know and maybe your question will be given to all GoM HESS employees.

HESS check-in
HESS check-in