Tough day in Equatorial Guinea with the ITNHGE program

Today just started and it has been the toughest day of my professional career.  We had a student in our program get caught cheating, twice, on the same test.  On numerous occasions I have talked with each class and told them what would happen if anyone gets caught cheating.  The project manager and company rep from the states also talked to the students.  The teachers talked to the students and those that were suspected were placed on final warning.  They acknowledged what would happen if they broke our rules, signed the paper stating they knew what would happen and within a few weeks of them signing, one of the students broke the rules and cheated twice on the same test.

I know this program can make the difference in a young adults life and in a country where relatively few options exist this program is vital.

I had to expel the student, a good kid other than his cheating problem.  I tried to come up with a punishment that would allow me to keep him while maintaining the integrity of the program.  I lost sleep over it and now it is finally over.  I have had to let people go from other jobs before but this one hurt the most.  I’ve been laid off before, I know what this young man is going through.  I think that makes it worse.  Not a good day.

Sunset - No Filter Needed - Equatorial Guinea
Sunset – No Filter Needed – Equatorial Guinea

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  1. You did your best. Some people are just prone to be punished continuously. I’m sorry for the both of you. However that’s life. Be safe. Hope you find peace and relaxation after that. Peace.

    1. What’s up Angel? How are you doing? I guess you are all graduated now! They should be having the selection soon. If you need a reference, have any company contact me.

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